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Tinaeptine overview

Tianeptine Sodium has been around for over 50 years, being prescribed for depression in more than 30 countries. In July 2014, it was found that Tianeptine was the first full agonist at the μ-opioid and δ-opioid receptors, making it a very unique compound and antidepressant.

Tynept made by Intas

Tynept is one of the best selling generics of Stablon. It is manufactured by Intas Pharma, India. Tynept brand is growing popularity among customers from the USA, UK, Australia and Europe.


Therapeutic effects of Tynept

  • elevates clarity of mind and boosts concentration
  • enhances cognitive abilities
  • relieves anxiety-induced symptoms and shows an impressive panic-blocking effect
  • eases asthmatic attacks by increasing lung function
  • produces a moderate analgesic effect
    has a pronounced hedonistic effect

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Various payment options


Our company offer wide range of online payments such as Credit Card, E-check (ACH), Amazon Gift Card, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH).



Free Courier

We offer free courier for all orders. The courier name depends on the country we ship to, in most of the cases it is either EMS or Singpost


What happens if tianeptine package is lost?

If tracking number clearly shows your order is held up by customs, or if your parcel does not arrive within 25 days, we will re-ship your package for free  on the 26-th day. You will be given a new tracking number.

If reshipment order does not arrive within next 25 days after re-ship-date, we will issue a full refund at your statement. 

Where are tianeptine products shipped from?

Tynept, the tianeptine brand we offer is produced by Intas Pharma, India. Our stocks of Tynept are located in both India and Singapore. We use different facilities for shipping to a different countries. For example if destination country is the UK, then we ship our products from India because the delivery time from India will take 8-10 days, when shipping to the US we often use the delivery from Singapore.


Am I able to track my order?

Sure. Once order is placed you have 24 hours to make a changes in your shipping address or shipping method or order details. 24 hours after we ship your order to the shipping facility, where it is packed and transferred to the post office. Once we receive your tracking number and it is visible on the tracking page, we send you an email with your tracking. Please kindly check your spam folder if 3 days re past but no tracking received.

How do you ship Tynept orders? Is a signature required? Is the packaging discreet?

Signature is required by default to avoid parcel to be taken by somebody else.
All tianeptine orders are shipped in discreet hard cardboard packaging. Your privacy is very important for us so we don’t mention contents of the package in either customs declaration or anywhere outside the package.The product cost we declare is 10 times lower than the order total.

What are the countries you ship to?

At our online store you can buy Tynept in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Kazakhstan and some of EU countries such as Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Greece and few others. You can check with our customer support if we are able to ship to your country

What is the difference between Branded tianeptine and generic version Tynept.

There are only few tianeptine generics available in India and  Tynept, Coaxil, Tatinol are the only represented on the market. We offer best selling brand Tynept manufactured by Intas pharma and offer the lowest market price for this product.