I use tianeptine that way. You don’t have to lay in bed all day thinking of suicide to benefit from Tianeptine. Gives me more motivation to get things done and brightens the day. I only use it once or twice a week. It lasts all day.


Tianeptine is quite effective as a mood brightner and motivator as long as you use it infrequently. I know Tia sodium can be an issue if you are chasing a high and have a problem habituating. A little self control goes a long way. I’ve know people who drank too much water, flushed thier electrolytes and had a heart attack. So anything can be abused if you are a dumb ass.


It’s so hard to give advice to someone about this stuff. Everyone is so different. 12.5 – 25 mg sublingual is the usual dose. Teaneptine is quite impressive on a lot of levels. Buy a small amount to try it. There is nothing else I know of that you can compare it too. Use it responsibly and you might find it helps you. I get an afterglow from it for at least a day after . Tynept is a good stuff!


it can help with depression, but if you take it everyday you’ll end up with another addiction to a substance with horrible withdrawals. If you’re going to try it, then I suggest you never take it more than twice a week and stick to the sulfate or free acid forms. (The sodium form is way more addictive and lasts for half the amount of time.) Personally I did find it helpful because it meant I at least had a couple days where I felt well enough to get some stuff done each week.


I ordered Tynept caps and will be getting them tomorrow hopefully. I am in recovery from opiates and going through post acute withdrawal symptoms. I have had depression my whole life hence why I self medicated with opiates. I have tried every SSRI anti depressant they have with no success. I desperately need tianeptine to work. I have done a lot of research and I know its a full mu-opioid agonist like our doc’s. I know there is potential for abuse, addiction but I plan on only taking the therapeutic doses of 25-50mg 2 days on 2 days off as needed. If I see myself wanting to take more I will throw it away. I just dont know what else to do I am so miserable


It’s definitely addictive. I use it in times of extreme emotional stress. It helped me get through my grandmother’s death for instance. A wonder drug if treated with respect.


I have seen at least 50 people experiment with Tianeptine and these are my observations, Mu Opiod agonists are useful temporarily but not much beyond that, the low dose effects are nearly non-existent unless you really need TCA

So I took 230mg of Tianeptine and that felt similar to a low dose of opiates. Interesting, but I heard a tolerance develops quickly. I ordered 3 grams of the powder for depression and anxiety and have been taking around 12mg 3 times a day for a few days now, but I wanted to experiment with a high dose. I’m just gonna go back to the regular dosing though so I can actually get the results that I need. I am also taking Lumiday, a supplement with St. John’s Wort and 5-Htp, which seems helpful, though I have only been taking that for a week so far. I have 3.2 grams of mushrooms left that I will be doing eventually when the time and environment is right and was wondering about interactions with Tianeptine.


Tianeptine is my personal favorite recreational, as well as nootropic substance. It has a plethora of uses. I just know I can’t dose it everyday, unless I stick to the recommended 12,5 which in my opinion doesn’t help with anything. Any dose over 200mg I have to wait 2 days before redoing to avoid withdrawal. I’ve withdrawn from tia 20 times just trying to find a dosage and schedule that works for me


Sometimes it gives you that perfect day. You are just socially 100 and enjoying everything. Everyone likes you. And you’re not high, just happy. But like everything this good, it has tolerance, dependence, and terrible withdrawal (can be treated with kratom).


Tianeptine is really really good. I take it every day, and it just makes me happy in the head.. 30 mg… It also slightly moderates the Glutamate pathways via the metabotropic Glutamate receptors.. That means, that a slight change in thought patterns, stress reactions, focus, and more, can be achieved… I personally feel a more focus and calm because of it 🙂 I have also noticed an improvement in memory because I can recollect things that I have learned through my Medicine study much better, than before I started on Tynept!


Tianeptine is in the class of atypical antidepressants as it is a Tricyclic Antidepressant – it also inhibits glutamate receptor activity and releases BDNF.
In addition, “In contrast to most SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants, tianeptine modestly enhances the mesolimbic release of dopamine[46] and potentiates CNS D2 and D3 receptors,[47] but it is also unclear how this occurs because tianeptine has no affinity for the dopamine transporter or the dopamine receptors.” (Wikipedia)
It is possible that another Tricyclic Antidepressant would work for you and not give you the downside of a desire to overeat, but that can really only be determined with the help of a good psychiatrist and some trial and error. I have been on Tianeptine on and off for years and am currently on an 8-month daily regimen using the Sulfate version. I’ve noticed i’ve gained about 35 pounds since starting but I was 30 pounds underweight to begin with lol. Just sharing my experience because I have experienced similar urges to overeat as well so it is not just you having this side-effect.